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HyAgarose™ 3:1 Agarose

HyAgarose™  3:1 Agarose is a molecular biology 
grade, standard melting point, unique mixture of
agarose formulated to provide high resolution of
small nucleic acids and PCR products +1,000 bp. 
Its optimized gel strength results in easy-to-handle
gels, enhancing the convenience of gel processing
 and blotting.  Deisgned for analytical
electrophoresis. Manufactured using innovative
Organic Solvent Free Manufacturing
process that is
greener and more environment friendly. 

Application : Ideal for PCR product separation and
blotting and analytical electrophroesis of DNA and
RNA fragments +1,000 bp.


 Unique mixture of agarose formulated to
   provide high resolution of nucleic acids +1,000 bp

 Greener agarose choice

 Ultra high resolution with high clarity and
   low background

 Optimized gel strength for easy-to-handle gels


HyAgarose™ Specification

Product:      HyAgarose™ 3:1 Agarose
CAS                   N/A 
Appearance      White to off-white powder
EEO                    + 0.10
Gelling Point       + 36≧ (1.5% gel)
Melting Point      + 80≧ (1.5% gel)  
Solubility            Clear colorless solution at 2gr in 100ml water 
Moisture             + 10% 
Gel Strength       − 650 g /cm 2 (1.5% Gel) 
Sulfate              + 0.10% 
Ash         + 0.5% 
DNase & RNase   None Detected
Protease     None Detected
Endonuclease   None Detected
Order Information  

Product Cat. No. Size
HyAgarose™ 3:1 Agarose 17101 10g
HyAgarose™ 3:1 Agarose 17105 50g
HyAgarose™ 3:1 Agarose 17001 100g


   HyAgarose™  3:1 Agarose product flyer

   HyAgarose™  3:1 Agarose Protocol

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