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HyAgarose™ HR Agarose
   HyAgarose™ HR Agarose is a PCR grade, intermediate melting point agarose that efficiently separates small DNA fragments between 20 and 800 bp in length and yields
ultra high resolution with high clarity and low background.                         
It is suitable for the analysis of AFLP's (Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphisms),STR's(Short Tandem Repeats) and tetranucleotide repeats. Manufactured using innovative
Organic Solvent Free Manufacturing process that is greener
and more environment friendly.

Application Ideal for recovery of DNA and RNA. Analytical
and preparative electrophoresis of DNA and RNA of 20 to
800bp in length.


 Ideal for small fragment nucleic acid analysis
  in the range of 20 - 800bp

 Greener agarose choice

 Ultra high resolution with high clarity and low

 Intermediate melting point


HyAgarose™ HR Agarose Specification

Product:     HyAgarose™HR Agarose PCR Grade
CAS                  39346-81-1 
Appearance    White to off-white powder
EEO                  + 0.10
Gelling Point     + 33≧ (1.5% gel)
Melting Point  + 70≧ (1.5% gel)
Solubility Clear Colorless solution at 2gr in 100ml water 
Moisture           + 10%
Gel Strength     − 750 g /cm2 (1.5% Gel) 
Sulfate               + 0.10% 
Ash         + 0.5% 
DNase & RNase   None Detected
Protease     None Detected
Endonuclease   None Detected  


Order Information

Product Cat. No. Size
HyAgarose™ HR Agarose PCR Grade 16101 10 g
HyAgarose™ HR Agarose PCR Grade 16105 50 g
HyAgarose™ HR Agarose PCR Grade 16001 100 g


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