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Sofast® Transfection Reagent

  Sofast®is new generation cationic polymer gene

transfection reagent. Compared with cationic lipids,

cationic polymers are very stable, easy to handle and

more resistant to serum in cell culture. The above

advantages make transfection much easier and

reproducible. Sofast®are widely used for both primary

cell and established cell lines.




  High transfection efficiency
    Sofast® shows high transfection efficiency, especially higher transfection
    efficiency in HUV-EC(primary cell) compared with cationic lipid. Some of
    ransfection efficiency with Sofast®:HEK293(95%)、COS7(85%)、HeLa(85%)、

  Low cytoxicity

    The cell survival rate is over 90%, when experiment is carried in suitable condition.

  Simplified transfection procedure

    Sofast® is a serum resistant reagent, the transfection procedure is very simple: the
    DNA/transfection reagent complexes can be directly added into complete cell medium
    and waited for transfection assay, without the worry about changing medium.

Use For research use only. Not for human or drug use.


   Store at 4. Don't freeze

Order Information

Product Cat.No. Size Note
Sofast® Transfection Reagent 11103 0.3 ml 50-100 Transfections/35 dish
Sofast® Transfection Reagent 11105 0.5 ml 80-165 Transfections/35 dish
Sofast® Transfection Reagent 11110 4〜0.25 ml 165-330 Transfections/35 dish
Sofast® Transfection Reagent 11120 2〜1.0 ml 330-660 Transfections/35 dish
Sofast® Transfection Reagent 11140 4〜1.0 ml 660-1320 Transfections/35 dish


        protocol in vivo   sofast Handbook.pdf

        Protocol in vitro  



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